Gifts Ideas for this upcoming Chinese New Year 2016

Gifts Ideas for this upcoming Chinese New Year 2016

With a blink of an eye, 2015 is coming to an end. As 2016 approaches, Global Asia Printings will like to wish all our customers, family and friends a Happy New Year and a great year ahead for businesses!

So what would be a great way to celebrate the new year than to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year Festivities. Corporate companies would be busy with entertaining guest and also preparing goodies for families and this is a great time to acknowledge your customers and also your employees.

There are a few ideas that the team at Global Asia Printings would like to share with everyone and here are some of the ideas for Chinese New Year CNY Gifting items and ideas

What better way to let everyone know that you care by having your very own gift cards printed with company logo and maybe digital signatures of your Managing Director and Directors, you could write a simple message to wish them well and at the same time share your possible Chinese New Year gatherings with them through a simple gift card.

Hong Baos are a great way for branding your company, during the festivities, most adults (parents) will be giving out hong baos and this is something that everyone will be holding on and looking at, you could put your logos and also some of the items of business you cover to let people know of your brand. Having a nice hong bao with great materials and designs might make it difficult for people to want to throw them away and they might even keep them because it looks and feels so good, spare no expense on such items and it could pay off!

Businessmen or Non-Businessmen alike keeps calendars on their desk to remind them of the date and also to keep track of important deadlines. Calendars are placed within eye sight of most people and your brand sits there reminding them of your presence. This gives them a good chance of remembering your brand when they need your services or products

Notebooks are a great way for people to keep your products, everyone needs a nice notebook to remember things that matter to them, whether is it a date or a series of items that they have to record down.

New Year is around the corner, the team at Global Asia Printings would like to wish all a great 2016 ahead and a great year of the monkey for all Chinese!

Gifts Ideas for this upcoming Chinese New Year 2016

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